10 Essentials Worth Remember when Travelling to the UK to Study

If your journey to study abroad to the UK is soon to be commencing, here are few essential  travelling tips and tricks for you!

The trick to organised and stress-free travel is having plenty of time. Leave yourself plenty of time to get to places because this allows for any unexpected hold-ups to take place. Travelling is much easier if you are not rushing around trying to get to your check in, or gate number, or catch your bus at the last minute. Leaving a few minutes early makes  such a difference to your travelling experience, and it can make the whole affair more enjoyable for you!

Passport and Flight Ticket: Make sure you have your passport and flight ticket, obvious yes, but easily forgotten when in a hurry. When packing, it is useful to dedicate pockets of your hand luggage to certain essential items. Pick a pocket where you passport will live while you are travelling. So, every time you need to take it out, you know exactly where it is and are not rummaging through to the bottom of your bag to find it.  After you have finished using it, put it back in the same pocket so you know where it is for when it is needed next.

Visas: If you are travelling from outside the European Union then it is likely you will need a visa with you when you are travelling. So, if you have one, ensure that it is packed and safe. The same advice applies as with the Passports. It is useful to place all important documents in the same pocket so you know where they are at all times. For more information on the Visas and if you have not already applied for them visit Anglo Education’s Visas page.  

Medical information: If you have a particular medical condition and you are taking prescribed drugs, bring records of this so that your medical care can continue in the UK. Usually, you would have notified the school or college with this information before you arrive so that they are aware of your situation, and, if required, they can put you in touch with a health advisor.

Any original documents:  Bring with you any original documents that are needed for enrolment such as:  Original qualifications certificates, IELTS/TOEFL  documents, letters of reference.

Pocket money: Pack a little spending money for your travel so that you can purchase refreshments and a bite to eat.

A dictionary: An English language Dictionary can be very helpful to students travelling to the UK to study, especially if you are at the beginning of your studies.

Warm clothing: It is advisable to bring at least one warm sweater or cardigan and jacket. Students from hot countries may find it difficult to find this type of clothing at home, and it will likely be cheaper to buy winter clothing in the UK.  Wool and cotton garments are far warmer than synthetic fibres. For students that are used to winter weather, it is worth brining winter clothes from home – the UK gets cold.

Laptops: Computers and other valuables should be carried in hand luggage and not checked in.

Hand Luggage: Your carry-on/hand baggage should include enough personal articles to last for your first night in UK (clean underwear, warm jacket, toothbrush, and medication etc.). This is just in case your luggage is delayed or lost.

Cameras: Document your experiences in the UK with camera and write your thoughts down in a Journal. A journal and camera can make good travelling companions, and when you are older you may enjoy looking back through them at your time in the UK!

If you would like to learn more about studying abroad in the UK visit Anglo Education and English Language Services website.

About Anglo Education Services

A service for international students wishing to come and study in the United Kingdom
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