Studying in the UK? Museum and Gallery Attractions in London

Primrose Hill - London - by DAVID ILIFF

Are you considering coming to the UK to study? Are you attracted by some of London’s premier schools, such as Box Hill, Dulwich College, and Farringtons? Well AngloEd services can help. It’s always useful to know what the UK’s capital has to offer in the way of cultural attractions, just to make sure it’s the right place for you. We’ve compiled a list of some of London’s best museum and gallery sites to see and places to visit, to show you how culturally rich and diverse your studies in the UK can be.

Natural History MuseumNatural History Museum: The Natural History Museum is one of London’s great attractions, taking you on a journey through the natural history of our planet. The beautiful exhibitions are as diverse as they are rich, educating us about everything from the formation of the planet, the evolution of life on Earth, and all the processes that go to make the wonderful world in which we live. With an ever-changing focus of exhibitions you will never run out of fascinating things to see, and you’ll be back time and again for visits.

British Museum: The British Museum houses many of the world’s cultural riches, such as treasures from the ancient world, the King’s Library, and their permanent exhibition on the Enlightenment period of the Eighteenth Century. Founded in 1753 by the collection of Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753), it is your chance to see some of the most important cultural collections the world has to offer.

Tate Modern: Are you into Modern art? Cutting edge design and contemporary thinking? Then the Tate Modern is a perfect place to visit while your studying in the UK. With exhibitions from artists such as Paul Klee, it is your chance to see first hand some of the finest examples of modern Western art that the world has to offer. Studying in London means being in one of the most artistically aware cities in the world.

National Portrait Gallery: The National Portrait Gallery was founded in 1856 with the intention of being a record of some of the most notable figures in British history. Having relocated and expanded numerous times since it was founded, the gallery is now an important historical record. The Duchess of Cambridge even became a patron in 2012! A great way to interact with Britain through some of the people who helped define it.

Tate BritainTate Britain: The Tate Modern’s older brother, Tate Britain looks at British art after 1500 and houses some of the country’s finest examples, from some of the most world-renowned artists, such as William Blake, LS Lowry, and many, many more. Along with some of the old masters, there’s always a revolving series of multi-media exhibitions that will help get your creative juices flowing!

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