Sports and Games in UK Schools

Choosing to come and study in the United Kingdom from abroad can be a life-changing decision. With some of the best schools and colleges in the world, you’ll receive top class teaching, have access to some of the best facilities, and make friends that will last you a life-time. As a leading advisor in educational services for international students wishing to study in the UK, Angloed can help you every step of the way!

Having the right blend of extra-curricular activities is an important balance for both body and mind, and the UK’s major sports and games will not only keep you fit and healthy, they’ll be an excellent way to make friends and fun! We’ve put together a list of some of the main sports and games that the United Kingdom is famous for. Football by Phalinn Football is the world’s most famous game, bringing together diverse people from across the globe, for playing and spectating. English public schools, many of which Angloed help international students to go to, helped found the modern codes of the game at the end of the Nineteenth century. Today the sport is in nearly every school and you’ll always find people willing to have a kick-around!

Cricket is a quintessentially English bat and ball sport, dating back to the Sixteenth century. Played all across the British schools system, it has since spread to countries such as India, Australia, and the West Indies, where it has become hugely popular. The famous sound of the leather ball being clunked by a willow bat is something not to be missed if you’re study in the UK!

Hockey byTobyotter

Ancient version of the curved stick and ball game hockey go back to ancient Egypt and Ireland. Today’s Field Hockey game is popular across Europe, South America and beyond, but was first developed in the English school system in the Nineteenth century. Popular with both boys and girls, hockey was also one of the earliest games to be part of the modern Olympic movement.

Netball was developed in England at the end of the Nineteenth century and was based on early versions of basketball. It is now widely played across the UK and commonwealth countries, and I massively popular with girls. It helps promote team work and skills, as two teams try and outscore each other in a backboard-less ring only 380mm across! Accuracy and patience are very important.

So why not give your body the same great workout as your brain by coming to study in the UK – Angloed can help!

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