Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses

Anglo Education offers Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses

Anglo Education offers Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses

Cambridge Exam Preparation courses are for students aged 16 and older who have ambition to use the English Language at higher education and to a professional level. Whether or not a student wants to learn English so they can conduct business internationally, or if they want to pursue their studies to a high academic level, Anglo Education can provide the courses that deliver the specific teaching necessary for the Cambridge Exams.

The Cambridge English Language Exams take many forms and the paragraphs below briefly introduce them. For more information about studying the English Language and gaining the most respected qualifications that prove your capability, then contact Anglo Education.

Cambridge English First (FCE), which is an upper-intermediate level qualification. This qualification is proof that a student can use everyday spoken and written English for study or work purposes.

Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) is a qualification that is tailored for students who wish to use English at a higher academic level or within in a professional environment.

Cambridge Exam Proficiency is the highest English language qualification that Cambridge has to offer so a student with this qualification under their belt is proven high achiever. This qualification shows employers and educators that a student can read, write and speak English to an exceptionally high level.

Cambridge Exam Business qualifications take the form of three certificates. One  is a preliminary exam (BEC Prelims). The second is called Business Vantage (BEC Vantage) and the third is called Business Higher (BEC Higher). The teaching toward these exams equips student with the ability to be able to read and write English to a professional level, using business vocabulary.

Cambridge English language exams are regarded as the best because Cambridge education is recognised all over the world for its academic excellence.



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