Helping Over-Seas Students For More Than 20 Years

Boarding schools in the UK have a reputation for delivering a world-class education to their pupils, and Anglo Education has a reputation for delivering pupils to world-class educators. The team at Anglo Education has over 20 years of experience finding placements in UK boarding schools for students from over-seas.

Anglo Education offers Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses

Anglo Education assists over-seas students with their application into UK boarding schools 

Many pupils who receive an education at one of the UK’s boarding schools often go on to further study in one of the world’s top ranked Universities. According to the Times Higher Education, the Universities ranked in the top 5 in 2014 were: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, University Cambridge, University Oxford.

The team at Anglo Education has a proven track record of success. This takes the form of many very happy young people who have enjoyed their experience studying in the UK, and who have moved on to accomplish many wonderful things.

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Anglo Education is family run service and not a massive company. The team care; they take the time to go that extra mile for parents and pupils. Once a placement has been found, it is not good-bye. Our team can be a contact point for parents and students throughout the study period because Anglo Education likes to ensure that everything is going smoothly and everyone is happy.


After 20 years of working within the UK education system, Anglo Education can make things happen. So, if you are considering receiving some education in the UK, contact Anglo Education, you will not regret it.


About Anglo Education Services

A service for international students wishing to come and study in the United Kingdom
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