London’s West End is Like Nothing Else

Photo by Darren Pettit

The London West-End is host to a plethora of the finest musical theatre and performing arts in the world. It is an added bonus that tickets to shows can be picked up at a reasonable price if one studies the box offices for deals, and if seats are booked in advance.

There are, of course, theatres all over the country and theatre companies often go on tour. This is the case with the play, Oklahoma, which is currently showing in Cornwall’s Hall for Cornwall and is touring round the country.

The London West End, however, offers an unique experience as there are many different play houses, restaurants, street vendors and bicycle taxis around this area of London, which all contribute towards the atmosphere to make it quite like nothing else.

If you are frequenting the West End for a night soon then you will find productions such as: Andrew Loylde Webber’s, CATs, inspired by TS Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.

Billy Eliot will also be found. This musical is inspired by the movie released in 2000 about the aspirations of a young boy to become a dancer and not a boxer, and to go against the expectations of his family by doing so. This is a tale of bravery, struggle and success in a northern mining town during the strikes in 1984/5, and it captured the hearts and minds of all who watched it. The musical has a reputation of doing the same.

To talk about west-end musicals and not mention the Phantom of the Opera, the legendary show that it is, which has delivered over 10,000 performances, would be leaving out one of the lead names in the line-up. The Phantom of the Opera is in Her Majesty’s Theatre and is based on the classic novel ‘Le Fantôme de l”Opéra’ by Gaston Leroux.

There is easy access into London from all over the country, all trains seem to lead to London, and with a map, the spaghetti like underground train system is easily navigated. There are plenty of busses and taxis, too. Londoners have a reputation of being friendly people and when in London and when feeling a little lost, it is completely acceptable to just ask someone to point you in the right direction.


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