British Summertime is Full of Festivals

When thinking of british summertime what springs to mind is rain, crowded beaches, strawberries and cream, wimbledon, Pims, and music festivals.

Come rain or shine, whether in a park or field, when the summer months hit the Brits love a party and they are almost as good as it as they are queuing.

From the ginormous to the small there are literally hundreds of festivals taking place throughout the UK, and many festival goers travel from oversees to take part in them.

The world famous festival that pretty much started it all off is Glastonbury. This year 135,000 tickets were sold and there were world renowned acts from the Foo Fighters, Kanye West and Leftfeild. The festival is broadcast across the world via the the BBC, who has 2,000 tickets put aside for its reporters.

Neal Whitehouse Piper

Glastonbury may be the biggest though it is not the only. Out of the smaller festivals that still has party, cabaret, theatre, food and brilliant vibes Sunrise Celebration is the first one that comes to mind.


Walking into Sunrise is like stepping both back in time and into an ideal future – one where green thinking has been taking seriously and acted upon. Sunrise is the size of one section of Glastonbury – there section that is a little calmer though just as playful.

There is also a chance to learn some new crafty skills as there are black-smithing workshops, wood spindling workshops, wild medicine talks and so on.

Mike Grenville

Many people have said that Sunrise Celebration has a feel to it that is similar to the way the festivals did in the 70’s, the age that gave birth to British festivals. Those festivals, however, were a little different in that they were free and held on common land and were very much a subversive act against the state.


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